"St. Catherines at Belle Gable" 10 x 10 oil, by Leslie Newman

St Catherine's at Belle Gable

This painting is of a very special little church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
This tiny chapel was hand built by a local 
man as a gift for his wife. It is located off of
a main street in Fayetteville. You turn into a little wooded
lane, cross a wooden single bridge over a large creek and
this ivy covered chapel emerges across a beautiful green field. I suggest
your google the name to view all of the pictures
of this chapel and surrounding grounds.The chapel
is open to the public every Sunday from 12 noon to 3 pm. Otherwise
it is a locked area to keep vandals away. It used to be open
all of the time but unfortunately, that is no longer the case.
It was literally hand built using all hand tools, stone, and
historic imported European church doors and stained glass.
Our son was married in this tiny church at Christmas time
several yrs ago. Our Son-in-law is a So. Baptist Pastor, and he
married my Son  and Callie. I love taking our Plein Aire painting
group to this memorable spot to paint. 

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