"Beach Fun" 8x10 oil, by Leslie Newman

Beach Fun

Happy New Year 2014 Everyone!! Thanks for viewing my blog! 
This is my first post of the new year. Today kicks off my 30 paintings
in 30 days by palette knife painter, Leslie Saeta.
If you ask me, Leslie is a wonder woman. She does it all!
I took part in her last 30 day painting challenge in
September 2013. 
This painting I did a few days ahead of the challenge. It was a surprise
for my brother and his family. This is my niece Whitney, and her two
brothers, Spencer and Dexter. The picture was taken on the beach
during Spring Break in Mexico several yrs ago. It had been forgotten
about by everybody. I used the picture off of a Calendar they had made
of the trip as a reference and painted the kids. I should
say young adults, now. I really captured their likeness and they
were thrilled with the gift! I am not a portrait painter, I have done only
two previous, but this really makes me want to do more! I hope you
enjoy my painting of Beach Fun! Be sure to check out more of 
my work!

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