pretty in pink

Pretty in Pink  5x7 oil
by Leslie Newman
collection of  Dr Lindsey Seale

I am Back!! Computer troubles over, thank goodness. That makes about 3 major problems
for a 17 month old Sony top of the line laptop. Not real pleased with this machine, but for today it is functioning again. I need to give a shout out to the Geek Squad of the Rogers, AR Best Buy!!

This painting I did as a gift for a Physician I see. She is a art lover, and it really
shows in her office. They have original art everywhere. I really
appreciate that in offices, instead of a lot of framed posters.

I set up a small still life with some lovely light pink neighborhood peonies, and some
of my own blooming oak leaf hydrangeas.
It is in a deep golden rectangular clear glass container. The colors all work together nicely
 for a soft but rich painting. I really like the thick strokes of color.
I used my Utrecht naples yellow mixed with Gamblin's radient pink for the
yummy colors in the peonies.
I hope you enjoy this piece, it is nice to be back!!