Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seven Swans a Swimming

 Seven Swans a Swimming
                                                                 oil on hardboard 3"x 5"

This painting I titled Seven Swans a Swimming, just like the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas." My brother has a beautiful yacht he keeps on White Lake, just a mile in water from Lake Michigan, on the western edge of Michigan. There are a lot of beautiful swans that live on White Lake. They swim and congregate along the edges of the lake near shore and all of the lilypads.Last year on vacation we spent time up at my brothers boat. Everyday, morning and evening, the swans had their routine of visiting behind the boats. We would throw crackers and bread crumbs to them. The male Dad swan was in the front, Mom was in the back and the five signets made up the middle. If you leaned over to close to the male, he would raise up in the water, spread his wings and sqawk loud enough to hear a mile away.

I took quite a few pictures of them. This first one is a smaller study, The same scene is being done again on a 6"x12" which I will share soon.

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