Still Life with Blue Pot 16x20 oil by Leslie Newman

Still Life with Blue Pot

Day 4 of 30 paintings in 30 days challenge with
Leslie Saeta

I got busy over the weekend
and missed day 3, but I am still continuing on!

This painting I started at a workshop with Master
Oil Painter, Scott Mattlin during August of this yr.
That is actually my own blue tea pot, big copper bowl, and
large bouquet of hot Pink Bougainvillea's.
I hadn't had a chance to finish it until a few days ago.
So this is my 3rd entry to the 30 day Challenge with Leslie Saeta.

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 I would love comments and enjoy
sharing my art with you. This painting is going to
my Mom. I was fortunate to buy Scott Mattlins demo painting
of this after the workshop. Very Thankful to get one of
his originals!