"First Cherry Blossoms" 11x14 oil by Leslie Newman

First Cherry Blossoms
11x14 oil

Well, I am finally getting my blog postings caught up!
 The New Year is the perfect time to start over! 
Along with starting my personal blog back up, I am embarking on a new painting
challenge given by a wonderful Artist from Pasadena, CA. Her name is 
Leslie Saeta. She is doing a 30 painting in 30 days challenge. She has over
1 thousand artists worldwide participating.

I joined her for a similar challenge last fall, but fell behind at about day
21, and left it at that. Since then I have not posted. So I dusted off my personal blog,  and
here we go again with the daily painters of Arkansas!

This painting is from a picture taken of our first Granddaughter.
She is now close to 5.  This picture was taken when she was about 2 and her
family was living  in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill.

In this photo, she is in a backpack carrier on her Dads back looking
at the gorgeous cherry blossoms. This photo was always
a favorite of mine. I painted it as one
of the Christmas gifts given to my daughter and son-in-law.
It had been a favorite photo of theirs, so it was fun to surprise
them with it finished.

Although technically we are to have started painting yesterday for this
challenge, I am starting with two or three paintings done within the last few 
weeks that took a great deal of time.

I hope you enjoy my paintings! I would love it if you would sign up and
follow my posts and artwork.

Happy New Year to all!!