"Mississippi River Sunset" 12"x12" oil on panel by Impressionistic Oil Painter, Leslie Newman

"Mississippi River Sunset"
12"x12" oil on panel

This painting says several things to me, first and foremost, Home Sweet Home.!!

I grew up about 6 blocks up the hill from the Mississippi in Bettendorf, Iowa. I used to lay in bed
at night and listen to the old river boats traveling up and down the river playing their pipe organs,  
the trains running along river road, and even hear a trumpet playing taps across the river
at the Arsenal in Rock Island, Ill.  

My folks had a large cruiser that we spent countless time  skiing and boating on the river, even boating in the summers all the way up to the Rivers start in Minnesota.
That took about 26 hours of river travel through more than a dozen lock and dams.
It was always so much fun and I have such sweet memories of those days.

I haven't lived there in a long time, but it still holds a place in my heart. This picture was 
taken by a good friend who lives on the Illinois side of the river. This was sunset just last 
week from out her condo window on the Illinois side. I saw it and had to paint it for her.

I hope you enjoy Mississippi River Sunset.