let me lend you a hand...by Leslie Newman 8x10 oil on panel

If you have spent any time in large cities, you may have likely seen scenes similar to this in the city parks.
Different groups of older men (usually) hanging out, playing cards, or chess. This painting reflects that scene. 
Last fall while in Washington D.C  visiting my daughter and her family, I went to my favorite Art shop several times. It is called Utrecht Art Supply Store in Downtown  D.C. While there, I saw an artist postcard up on their bulletin board. It was by an artist named Shelley, and it had a similar picture of a painting on it of the older men in the park playing card games on it. This was a painting so similar to what I wanted to do. So, when I got home from my trip, I got to work and did my own version of this idea. I changed some of the things in the painting to make it my own. Notice the younger man at the end of the table showing them a thing or two, while it appears the man at the end  of the table is snoozing.