"River Sunrise" 12x24 oil on canvas

This Painting is from an image I have permanently burned in my head. It is of a early morning
sunrise on the Mississippi River in Davenport, Iowa..
We lived just up the hill from the Mighty Miss my entire childhood.
  We would water ski as kids
through the little opening in the middle of the tree line, which was dumb. The opening was actually part of
a wing dam, which are solid rock with cement and trees. This particular area behind
the tree line was actually an old lock and dam.

I donated this painting for a huge silent auction/Gala in NW Arkansas every August that
supports the Children's Hospital in Little Rock.
I was pleased this sold at the silent auction with 100% of the price going to the Children's Hospital. The Gala is called the Color of Hope. It was fortunate that about 10 of my artist friends I asked all donated their work as well.  All different price
points,mediums, sizes and themes, the art was a big success. There were 350 items in all that were auctioned off for
$920K going to the kids. Next yr, hopefully we can top that

.  Thanks for viewing my "River Sunrise."