My favorite rose bush 6"x6" oil on canvas

My Favorite Rose Bush

This Rose bush is something else. I painted this in under 1 hour
for the weekly challenge this week.

The challenge was to use three colors only, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Red light, and Cad Yellow. white very sparingly. Go outside, find something growing from the ground and paint it.

So, I of course, headed to my favorite Rose Bush. This bush was given
to my by great friend Cindy, several yrs ago on my birthday.

I had planted it in our back yard against the fence on the North side. It did
nothing. A yr later, I moved it to my shade Garden on the North
side of the house against a fence that gets filtered light, with a little direct morning
sun. Since moving it, the bush is thriving. It has more than
tripled in size  and is producing massive amt of blooms.
The other day, it had 45 buds and blooms on it.

I hope you enjoy my very lose impressionistic painting
of my favorite rose bush!