Begonia Blooms

Debra Sisson Oil Painting Flower Art Still Life Botanical Garden

Watercolor on watercolor canvasboard, 8.75" x 11".

I kept watch over my begonia bulb after planting it in a pot and made sure it received plenty of shade so that I could finally enjoy its beautiful leaves and blooms.  My attention to it paid off with these delicately-colored flowers.  I decided to paint them in watercolor on the watercolor canvas I've been experimenting with for some time.  The watercolor paint can be applied in puddle-like forms to make the shapes of the composition which I find interesting.  And many layers can be built up if  I'm careful not to disturb the layers underneath with a heavy hand.  I sprayed the painting with clear acrylic so that it doesn't need to be framed under glass like watercolors on paper must be framed.
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