Sleeping Beauty by Leslie Newman 9x12 oil

Sleeping beauty
9x12 oil on panel

This sweet little pink and green painting was done last yr. I took this picture one night at a evening
Bible Study I was attending.

 Cazia listened to the video/study we were doing as long as she could,
       until she snuggled into
this big comfy green chair and closed her eyes.
It was so sweet. I hopped up with my cell phone camera and 
snapped away. She had no idea. Her Mom asked if I could
paint this in these colors. She was wearing the pink with a green 
sparkly butterfly headband.

I painted the background the quinacridone violet to match and compliment her
outfit and the spring green.
They came and picked this up and it was a total surprise for Cazia. She said  "No one had
ever painted me!" She was just delighted and so was her Mom.

I hope you enjoy this little pink and green painting.