"Bella" 6x6 oil on canvas by Leslie Newman


This is Bella. She is a light silver schnauzer.This is a oil painting I did of her as a puppy, as she is now about 2 yrs old.  Bella belongs to some friends that live in West Des Moines, IA. Her human Mom posted this puppy pic on facebook and I told her I had to paint it. It was not real easy to paint, given the light values of Bella all over. I used these variety of colors mixed with the white to give her some depth:.Shiva ice blue, Gamblin radiant violet,Permalba titanium white, Maimeri burnt sienna, and Gamblin torrit grey. I used a mix of Utrecht alizarin, and cad red for the background..

Although Bella had her curly puppy coat in this painting, she now is in adult coat, all trimmed and shaved. She would be fun to paint now as an adult. I may contact her owner and ask for a current pic and then do a comparison painting. Her owner tells me she is a character that can easily get into trouble, and bother their older dog.