Tulips Waving

Watercolor on Canvas Painting Still Life Flower Art red yellow botanical

Watercolor on stretched canvas, 12" x 12" x 3/4".

I experimented with a different approach to a watercolor in this floral painting.  The canvas I used has a special sizing that accept watercolors and the finished painting is sealed with a clear acrylic protectant which is archival.  The surface of the canvas accepts the paint differently than paper.  I think I like the way it stays more on the surface of the painting and it's also much easier to "lift" the paint back to a lighter shade or even back to white.  I really appreciate the fluidity of watercolors, and in this painting, I had a great time shaping the tulips and leaves with a feeling of energy and movement.

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The 3/4" sides are painted making framing optional.
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