Resting in South Pasture

Debra Sisson Oil Painting Farm Animal Portrait Horse Art Equine Landscape

Watercolor on Bristol board, 7" x 8".

Being tired of the snow and winter scenery lately, I daydreamed about a warm, summer landscape.  A horse enjoying the landscape is even better I thought, so I put them together.  I have been listening to other watercolor artists discuss painting on different surfaces and I decided to try painting on gessoed Bristol board.  It leaves the paint more "on top" of the surface and is easier to remove and change things this way.  It gives it a more distinctive look also, I think, because puddles of paint are layered on top of or next to other puddles.  It is closer to painting on hot-pressed watercolor paper in the way the paint reacts to the surface. I feel like trying different ways to paint frequently and sometimes I give in to the feeling!
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