Karen's Bouquet

Karen's Bouquet
8x10 oil on panel

This is a painting I gave to Karen just today. She is a friend of ours,who works with my Husband Mark.
Karen is a new bride who was married last month to a great guy named Jack. Mark and I went to her lovely wedding. When we were leaving the reception, I noticed her beautiful bouquet laying
on the table by her cupcake wedding cake. I took several pictures of it.

Two weeks ago when I was looking at my pictures, I remembered taking this and just had to paint it.
I delivered it to her after lunch today and she was delighted with it. She had a gorgeous bouquet and I feel like I really captured it, and Karen agreed.I love being able to paint for people and make it a surprise. The feeling fromthat makes me want to head back to my home studio and start another painting. Enjoy!