Pink Overlook

Pink Overlook
oil on canvas 5x5

Every Year our local Art Center of the Ozarks has a huge promotional fundraiser called 5x5.
They call on all artists, young and old, expert and novice to create 5x5 paintings, or pcs of art exactly that size.

They provide the canvas, and you can choose to do one or two. The silent auction "soiree" is always held around the 5th of November. Each pc of art starts at a min bid of $25.00.

The auction is fun, with live music and appetizers and a host of artists from the community. It is pure profit for the art center. They pass out the canvas in mid summer to allow plenty of time to get them back by October 4th. As usual, mine arrived a bit wet and a few days late, but they arrived and are fine. This is one of this yrs entries and my next blog will be the second. What a refreshing way to support our local art center of NW Arkansas. It gives back so much to our community in all areas of the arts.