Excited to join Daily Painters of Arkansas!

Well, here I am. Starting a new venture with Daily Painters of Arkansas. I was just delighted to get invited to share my artwork through the individual state's, Daily Painters!! I am so impressed with the work my fellow Arkansas state artist, Debra Sisson does. I will try to live up to her fine work.

I am working on a few small pieces and will try to get my first one posted yet this evening. Please be patient while I get up and running and familiar with everything. Also, please feel free to leave any comments or questions you might have. I have an adjoining blog at http://www.luvmyart.blogspot.com/ that you might like to visit to hear a little more about me.

I started painting around 8-10 yrs ago. Approx.13 yrs ago I found myself at home and unable to work due to a degenerative disease in my back. I had to find something I could do to occupy my time while at home recuperating from previous spinal surgeries and unfortunately several future ones I need.
The art has been a wonderful outlet of creativity for me that I am constantly developing.  When I feel up to it I can paint right in my home in a studio I have set up. I started out in Acrylics and have moved to oils.  I love the creamy nature they have, the deep rich colors and the way you can move them around on the canvas. When they dry, they just glow.

So, I will be back, hopefully within a few hours and get this party of paint started right here, stay tuned.